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As part of the Brazil-Sweden Innovation Week in Stockholm, presented an evening about the Spillover effects of high tech projects: the case of Gripen

Åsa Eriksson - Member of Parliament; Elisa Sohlman - Brazilcham; Caroline Åstrand - Senior VP Product at SJ AB; Lena Eliasson - Head of Group HR and Senior VP - SAAB , March 2018.

"1st Meeting on Sweden-Brazil Defense Trade - fostering sounding businesses"

"1st Meeting on Sweden-Brazil Defense Trade - fostering sounding businesses"

Råsunda's Farewell Ceremony at Grand Hotel, one of the biggest meeting on the bilateral history of Sweden and Brazil.

"Brazilian and Swedish Women Ambassadors", celebrating women empowerment!

HM Queen Silvia, Vice-President of Brazil, the Speaker of the Parliament, Pelé, and other football legends from the '58 FIFA World Cup Final, at "Brazil vs Sweden: Great Past, Memorable Future!"

Stockholm Junior Water Prize 2017

Latin American Day, with HE Amb. Camargo, HE Sen. Requião and other LATAM ambassadors.

Brazilian Chamber of Commerce

The Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Sweden is a member organization that has become a reference point and meeting place for Brazilian and Swedish companies.
Our mission is to promote and develop bilateral links between Sweden and Brazil by providing high quality networking, lobbying, knowledge sharing and relevant information on business opportunities in the two countries. 
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We offer substantial and dynamic informations to our clients, enhancing their opportunities for prosperous activities within and between Swedish and Brazilian business environments.
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Our clients are constantly mitigating asymmetric information through our attractive events. This is done by creatng professional platforms in order for them to stretch out question-marks into exclamation-marks.
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